Please find below some answers to your most frequently asked questions.

[TECHNICAL]  What if the wallpapers do not properly fit my screen?

If you are sure to have properly added and selected your mobile phone(s) using our device selector, then please contact us with your mobile phone specifications and we will investigate the problem further as soon as possible to be able to deliver you the wallpapers that are rightfully matching your screen size. There are two cases explaining why the wallpapers may not fully adapt to your screen size:

The first case is that your mobile phone has a wallpaper area size smaller than its full screen size specification (the full screen size is the only data we can get from any mobile phone database). It usually happens with old mobile phones, and it's due to the fact that often, the user interface is not transparent, thus the wallpaper area is inserted in between some user interface components.

The other probable case is that our mobile phone database has an error which may happen and we are delivering you wallpapers that are not matching your screen.

[TECHNICAL]  I uploaded the wallpapers using my device's multimedia software. Why do they seem to be low-quality?

If you are using the application software of your device bundle to upload our mobile wallpapers to your device from your computer (for example the Blackberry Desktop Software), it may compress the wallpapers before sending them to your device. This problem is usually encountered when you use some sort of Multimedia Upload, in which the application handles the graphical files itself and may apply compression. To be sure to benefit from the original content we have created with the best quality, upload the wallpapers using a standard file upload option, or send them directly to your device just like an USB stick. You can verify if you have the original content by looking at the properties (filesize) of some wallpapers directly on your device, then comparing them on our website (the filesize of each file we propose is displayed at the top of each wallpaper page, but it's appearing only when a mobile device is selected). Please note that a wallpaper filesize differs for each kind of mobile device selected, so be sure to select the right mobile device when comparing it.